Covid 19 FAQ's FAQ

Who would have thought that such a small virus would have such an impact on our life’s and the way we are now having to live and work?

Like many businesses, we shall have to adapt our business to ensure the safety of you our guests and ourselves as resident owners. We pride ourselves on the cleanliness of our cottages, but our cleaning regime will have to be enhanced further to meet the Government guidelines.

We personally believe that undertaking a changeover to meet these new protocols on the same day is not possible.  Therefore, we have taken the decision to reduce to number of cottages available to let each week by 50%, allowing us to meet these guidelines to ensure your safety.

We have complied a FAQ’s sheet to give you reassurance on what measures we are putting in place to keep you safe whilst staying at Alpine Park Cottages.

Cottages will remain empty either side of your booking and will be cleaned 72 hrs after the previous guests has left.  Evidence shows that the virus can last on surfaces for up to 3 days, so by leaving the cottage empty we believe this minimises the risk to you greatly.  This will be reviewed and adjusted inline with the R-Value, Alert Levels and currrent government guidlines.

We normally wipe down all touch points, ie remote controls, light switches during our normal routine cleaning. However, we shall be using a higher grade virucidal disinfectant BS EN 14476 which kills 99.9% germs and viruses. 

As normal dishwasher tablets will be provided along with a dish cloth, sponge, brillo, washing up liquid, oven gloves, tea and hand towel.  In addition, soap will be provided at all sinks to enable you wash your hands on arrival into the cottage and a bottle of disinfectant spray to wipe down surfaces and extra j clothes.

Yes; we shall still make beds up ready for your arrival, unless you say otherwise.  On departure we shall ask you to strip your beds and place linen directly into a black bag, which will be sent directly to the laundry.

Yes the play area will hopefully be open, so long as social distancing in maintained on the play area and children are supervised by an adult at all times.  Hand Sanitiser and wipe are available by the play area.

Yes, it will be limited to one household from the same cottage at a time.  Hand sanitiser will be provided at the entry point and you will be just asked to wipe the control panel after use. Disinfectant will be provided.

There will be no leaflets provided in the information point this.  We aim to provide as much information as possible prior to arrival for you to be able to plan ahead.  Please check on the Devon Attractions Visitors wesbite for  all update information on opening times, ticketing, etc

Guests will be asked not to travel to Alpine Park Cottages, if any of your party are displaying any symptoms of COVID19 or have been contacted by the track and test team.

Where a guest is unable to travel due to COVID 19 symptoms a full refund will be issued upon receipt of a doctor’s note.

Where a member of the party show symptoms of COVID19 whilst staying at Alpine Park Cottages they will be asked to return home as soon as possible along with all other members of their party.  All guests will be asked to remain inside the cottage until they leave.  Guests will be responsible for any associated cost for self isolating. 

Yes.  If Alpine Park Cottages is in lockdown a full refund will be offered or the option to transfer the holiday to 2021.

We need guests to adhere to the social distancing rules which apply at the time of your stay.  So please be prepared not to enter other family’s cottages.

You are welcome to book a supermarket delivery slot to deliver to Alpine Park Cottages.  Greendale Farm Shop also offers a delivery service. Like at home you may need to queue at many food shops

When guests start to arrive on the 4th July many hospitality businesses will be reopening. However,  like many businesses they will be adapting to meet the current guidelines and offering takeaway services, including Greendale Farm Shop. Details can be found on our website.

We recommend you look at Devon Attractions website, this will have all the current information on opening times and ticket information.  We recmmend you plan ahead this year, as many attractions will be limiting their visitors. 

We shall email you, pre arrival information in order to help you make the most of your stay.  This will include information regarding key collections, planning shopping, where to find the latest information on what attractions are open.

Yes of course, we shall also be available for a social distancing chat but would encourage you to phone our mobile if you have any problems.

Following government guidelines, if you or a member of your family display any signs of COVID 19.  You will be required to call 111.  Guests will be asked to return home.  Please note guests will be required to pay for any assocaited costs for self isolating.

Under normal circumstances, you are welcome to have family or friends visit you.  However, under the current guidelines this will not be permitted because we do not have their contact details to pass on NHS Track and Trace team should they request them.  Please help us keep everyone safe and arrange to meet them off site.

Currently as BBQ's are classed as a shared cooking facility we are unable loan you ours.  Therefore if you wish to BBQ, please bring your own.