Club WiFi

You can now access the internet from any cottage at Alpine Park Cottages!

Our entire park has WiFi coverage!

Connection is simple and straight forward, just switch on your wireless device make sure you can see the Club Wifi beacon in your wireless settings. Open a browser, enter your access code and that's it.

During the winter of 2020/21 Alpine Park Cottages entered the 21st century, as fibre broadband finally came to the area!   Speeds will vary from cottage to cottage, due to each cottage’s proximity to the boosters and demand on the site


Price list

Devices Time Online Account Unlimited Downloads
5 Devices 2 Hours  - £5.00
5 Devices 48 Hours - £10.00
5 Devices 1 Week - £20.00
5 Devices 1 Month - £30.00
5 Devices 3 Months - £70.00