Responsible Tourism

Here at Alpine Park Cottages, we are actively engaged in reducing the negative environmental and social impacts of tourism. One of the simplest ways to be more sustainable is to reuse, recycle and reduce waste to help reduce their carbon footprint.

Sustainable Tourism at Alpine Park Cottages


Guests are encouraged to minimise rubbish that goes into the general waste bins by recycling.  We have a recycling point onsite.

  • Waste Paper/Cardboard
  • Bottles
  • Cans
  • Plastics.
Recycling  Tree
Electric Charging points at Alpine Park Cottages

EV Charging Points

Guests can now recharge their electric cars on site.  Alpine Park Cottages has two 7.2kwh electric vehicle charging points which use 100% renewable electricity.  Thanks to our electric contract with Opus Advance, we are helping the UK to achieve its net-zero carbon emissions target.

EV Charging Points Tree

Every little helps!

Just making small changes to how we run our business can make a big difference to help the environment and reduce our carbon footprint.

  • Laundry - we make only the beds that guests require for their stay.  Reducing undue washing, ironing, and drying. Guests are offered a discount.
  • Electricity Supply - 100% renewable
  • All cottages are now fitted with LED bulbs.
  • Water Saving Devices - installed in all toilets. 
  • Weekly monitoring of water to ensure no leaks are present.
  • Replaced 4 boilers over the winter of 21/22 with Vaillant boilers which have high energy-efficiency ratings and low emission and are endorsed by the Energy Saving Trust.
  • We provide guests with a complimentary jute reusable shopping bag on arrival.
  • Donated 250 shopping bags to the local food bank, so they can stop using plastic bags to deliver the food in 
  • Use Bark chippings on the gardens.
  • Have bat and bird boxes around the park, to encourage wildlife.
  • Encourage guests to book online reduces the need to print and post receipts
  • Guests will now receive a link to Touch Stay APP this is to ensure that guests are able to make the most of their stay. Include information on bus routes, walks, local restuarants.
  • We like to treat our staff well and pay them above the living wage. 
  • During the lockdown we found some amazing walks with wonderful views on both Aylesbeare and Woodbury Common to tell our guests about.  Ideal for if you are bringing your pet pooch on holiday. 
Every little helps! Tree